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If you are looking to use our accommodations for a wedding or event, we've listed a few venues which we currently work with regularly. These locations vary in size, views, and price. Giving you plenty of options when searching for the ideal place!   

Once Upon A Time

About Once Upon A Time

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The property sits on 8 acres of secluded woodlands. The house and barn were built in the 1930s as a cottage and small farm.


Two retirees Edith and Marion purchased the land from the great grandparents of Adirondack painter Robert Fifield.

The two ladies set about creating magic and the Adirondacks their canvas.


The flowering shrubs and trees their natural fence from the dirt roads of the country.


Returning to his roots of Fort Ann, Robert purchased the property to return it to its peaceful tranquility.

“It was and is my dream to create a space that captured the beauty of a painting”

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