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Welcome To Camp Wakpominee

Camp Wakpominee has been operated by the Boy Scouts of America for over 100 years.  Providing countless memories for thousands of Scouts. For the first time ever, the Boy Scouts are opening this property up to the public. Camp Wakpominee will be shared for weddings and events! To ensure this beautiful property stays as it has been for generations, they have partnered with GlampADK.

Now, guests staying at Camp Wakpominee will be able to create similar memories and see why this place has been so special to our youths.  


Reserve tranqulity

From a private pond surrounded by beautiful mountains. To cabins and glamorous tents for up to 100 guests, this venue has it all for those wanting to bring the Adirondacks into their special day! 

Call or email us to discuss details and pricing:

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